With Geopoint Data You Can DOMINATE Your Market!

How Geopoint Data Clients Use Our Data​


From handwritten letters to "URGENT" postcards, you can be sure your targeting the right audience. Get more BANG for your buck.


Save massive time & money by increasing the probability that a homeowner is going to be motivated to sell their home.


Hack Facebook ad spend by only displaying ads to your custom audience. Build FB audiences via phone, email, or by name and zip.


Stop randomly knocking on doors. Target homeowners with a higher likelihood of signing your contract when they open the door.

Geopoint Data

What We Do

Predictive Data For Real Estate

We BUILD REALLY COOL algorithmic data models that predict when someone is likely to sell their home. 

Our proprietary scoring system studies over 150 data points which can increase the likelihood of someone selling by 537%! 


Data Stacks

Create data stacks by adding additional filters to any of our data list...vacant, high equity, elderly, low income, and low credit.

Skip Tracing

Append up to 10 cell phone numbers, 2 land lines, and email to any data lists.

Data stacks

Our proprietary data stacking allows you to add additional filters to any data list. Some of our most popular flags include vacant, high equity, elderly, low income, and low credit. 

The value of this data is MASSIVE. Never before have so many stacked consumer databases been made available to the retail public at these prices.

Skip Tracing


We warehouse over 175MM landlines, 250MM cell phones and 150MM email addresses to fill in the gaps on your lead lists with the highest quality homeowner information.

If you already have your data, skip-trace append is the fastest way to complete your lead list with data that move your business forward.


Constantly Updated Data

People move, change phone numbers, and emails all the time. While other companies resell data, we own all the data we warehouse which is updated as often as possible. With our lists you can relax knowing you are using the freshest data in the industry.

Nationwide Coverage

We warehouse over 99% of all homes in America. If you are looking for property or homeowner contact information anywhere is the US we are your one stop shop solution!

Amazing Service

Not sure where to start? Give our Scottsdale office a call at (480)-771-3001 and let us help you build a marketing game plan. We're always here to help you achieve your goals. We help all our clients find the perfect list for them to optimize their businesses.

100% MATCH RATE lists

Our lists come with cell phone numbers, landlines and emails. No need to skip trace our lists, you can start marketing to your list instantly!