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These are households within a given geography who have the highest propensity to list their homes in the next 6-months. Don’t waste your time prospecting every household in a neighborhood – focus your time, money and energy on our contacts who are Most Likely to List! A much smarter and efficient way to circle prospect!
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These mature homeowners have a larger home where they have raised their families and now have exceptional equity. These savvy homeowners are often looking for an opportunity to cash out this large family home and move into something smaller for this next chapter in their lives. This segment of homeowners has become an excellent source for listing opportunities that your competition likely isn’t pursuing! These leads are great opportunities to help them sell this home and then immediately buy a new smaller home.
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Motivated Absentee Owners Flag
These property owners are rarely prospected by real estate agents are often tired of playing landlord or looking for the most ideal time to profit on their rental property or vacation home. Many have an adjustable rate mortgage and are no longer making the money they once did. Finally, so many of these absentee owners purchased with the dream of Airbnb success and that gets harder every day with new restrictions and regulations at the city or HOA level.
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Financially Distressed Homeowners Flag
These homeowners have fallen on difficult financial times and can often benefit by selling their homes and paying off debt. Home prices remain very high and this is a great time to leverage assets and move forward.
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