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Are you looking to save time & money by only marketing to motivated home sellers?

Geopoint Data specializes in highly-targeted lists for real estate professionals across the USA. Real estate agents and investors alike know that homeowners with financial distress are more likely to sell their home.

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Have your At Risk Leads been skip traced?
Yes, because we own all of our own data, we don’t need to skip trace, we deliver the homeowner’s contact information as available.
How much does it cost?
The pricing depends on your purchase quantity. In your data consultation, your account executive will give you specific information related to pricing in your market.
How many leads will I receive?
Because this is a custom order, you can choose your quantity but our minimum order is 5K leads.
How accurate is the data?
The leads are of the highest quality as they are generated from a series of property, consumer, demographic & telco databases that update as often as weekly. Homes sell, homeowners change phone numbers frequently, it’s essential to have the highest quality data.
What markets are available?
We have market coverage across the USA, we maintain a degree of exclusivity with these data lists, which is why a conversation with an account executive is required.
What types of properties are available on the list?
At this time, we are focused solely on absentee & owner occupied residential properties. If you are looking for other land, multi-family or other property types, please contact us.

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